Your Cars: Anni’s 1988 Audi ur-quattro

E417 LUY, or “Louie” is a 1988 2.2 turbo Audi ur-quattro.

Once the rally car of its day, the Audi quattro is a very rare sight on the roads these days.

When I bought Louie, the car came with lots of  history.Louie is one Audi quattro who has had an interesting history and is extremely lucky to still be on the roads today due to events that should have sent him for scrap in the 1990’s!

Iconic? Check. Gene Hunt approval? Check.

Many moons ago in 1991 Louie was stolen from his first owner, very probably by joyriders! Some time later ‘Louie’ was recovered by police having been crashed into a ditch and abandoned. Louie suffered front offside damage and the first owner decided to cut his losses and declare the car a “category D” write off.

It could have all ended there had Louie not then been saved by a gentleman in Bradford-upon-Avon in Wiltshire who purchased Louie and began the time-consuming project of restoring him.

I then purchased Louie in January 2009 when the car was about 95% finished. The invoices and paperwork that came with the car were staggering. Literally THOUSANDS of pounds had been spent by the then owner on renewing or replacing almost everything.

Initially the previous owner had told me that he was reluctantly selling due to moving house and the Audi quattro sadly had to go (This was partly true). Only when having contacted a quattro specialist for parts info did the full reason come out…

“E417 LUY? Oh yes… that’s the one the bloke had to sell because his wife had decreed that either the Audi goes or she takes the kids and goes!”

It certainly explains why the previous owner was literally on the verge of tears the day I arrived by train at Bradford-upon-Avon to take his beloved quattro away.

Since January 2009 Louie has now become a happy Isle of Wight resident and hopefully has many happy years ahead of him.’Louie’ can often be seen at local shows on and around the Isle of Wight. The car is a member of the local Vectis Historic Vehicle Club (VHVC). As part of the club, Louie participates in the club cruises around the lovely Isle of Wight scenery and also attends shows and events the club holds in aid of the local hospice.

Louie taking part in a classic car show

The quattro was very excited to be invited to take part in the BBC Look East’s Children in Need live broadcasts from Milbrook proving ground a couple of years back where he was displayed amongst various historic and super cars.

At home Louie lives amongst a collection of seven, yes SEVEN, cars – his brothers and sisters being….

1972 MK1 Ford Capri 1600 GTXLR (pre-facelift)

1982 Rover SD1 Police car

1982 MK2 Vauxhall Cavalier L 1300 saloon

1983 MK2 Vauxhall Cavalier L 1600 saloon

1998 Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000

2006 BMW m320d.

…he is pampered at home sitting in his centrally heated garage.

Louie’s little claim to fame is that Philip ‘Gene Hunt’ Glenister has sat in him and signed the sun shield when the car appeared at a signing event at Milton Keynes in 2009.

Long may the quattro continue….

You can follow Anni here.

Fire up the quattro!

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