Your Cars: Brian Holland’s – BMW E30 325 Tech One 1986

For some a stock BMW E30 isn’t quite enough and this sleeper certainly proves that.

IMG_3617 (Custom)

Name: Brian Holland

Car: BMW 325 Tech one

Owned since: 2006

Why I bought it:

“I like the BMW E30 325, but didn’t realise at the time it was a Tech One.”

Things I dislike:

“The Clifford alarm could make a saint swear.”

Things I like: 

“The best aspect of it is the true sleeper nature of the car.”

IMG_3625 (Custom)

Your most rememberable outing with the car

“Most memorable day was picking it up from A Tech in the rain after the S50 lump was fitted, no traction control.”

What are the costs like?

“Well that would be telling…”

What next? 

“A 3.15-1 differential subject to funds.”

Technical Specification :

Suspension – adjustable konis and

Eibach anit roll bars front and rear

Eibach pro wheel spacers front and rear

Brakes – Willwood fourpots at front 750 master cylinder mk2 Golf servo

Engine – M3 3.0litre S50 and gearbox, E30 M3 3.25-1 LSD, Fritzbits exhaust manifold and chipped ECU.  Engine install by A-tech.

No power steering.


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