Your Cars: Alex Child’s – Morris Marina SDL Coupe

Top Gear may have tarnished the already rubbish reputation that the Morris Marina had, but Alex reckons it makes a superb cheap retro daily. 


Name: Alex Child

Car: Morris Marina SDL Coupe 1.3 1974

Owned since: May 2012

Why I bought it:

Scanning though you do. My mate just happened to walk past and commented “That’s the coolest thing you’ve looked at in ages”.
Later replied –  “I only said i was cool, I didn’t say you should buy it”

Things I dislike:

Nothing. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The whole idea of owning it is to have a cheap, retro daily.

Things I like: 

Quirky looks. The fact there aren’t many left.  Yes, Go on Top Gear..your only making the value rocket up by destroying them. They are what they are. They never pretended to be anything special. It is a nutshell in its transport. 
If you can find one that hasn’t rotted out, the engines are bullet proof A series. Nothing much to go wrong. It’s been laughably reliable, with minimal servicing.

Your most rememberable outing with the car

A recent trip to Bognor Regis. First real road trip with her. Didn’t miss a beat and is quite happy purring along at 70.

What are the costs like?

Minimal. Insurance is £98.00 fully comp, valued at £3000. (Yes, you read that correctly).

 What next? 

Bit of tidying to do. Since i bought it Ive rebuilt the front wings, as they had been badly bodged previously & had started to rust through. The rest of the car is very tidy. 
I need to tidy some small rust blisters on the sills & B pillar. Other than that, shes as I want her. It gets used pretty much daily & gets a lot of amusing looks by people in the street.

One response to “Your Cars: Alex Child’s – Morris Marina SDL Coupe

  1. My one Marina experience was ‘mixed’, It was a very early 1.8TC and it was entirely as you say- worthy, average transport in a neatly styled package- in every respect apart from the handling, which was non-existent. In a strange way I hope the 1.3s with a lighter nose and better suspension do handle much better, because otherwise it wasn’t a bad car.

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