Morris/Austin Day at Brooklands

IMG_3681 (Custom)

Every year there is an annual Morris/Austin day held at the Brooklands circuit, and this was to be the first for Retro and Classic Cars to be in attendance. When I say attendance, the recent fleet purchase was left in the car park next door to the circuit itself. The Rover sadly doesn’t have enough Austin or Morris in its genes to be allowed on the grounds to be amongst cars of the Cowley and Longbridge eras. Which seems to be an on-going theme…but I’ll talk more about that another time.

On arrival it was clear to see the left over cars from the Historics at Brooklands classic auction, although not part of the overall day it made for unusual spots. After all, there aren’t many occasions when a NSU Ro80 and Detomaso Longchamp are within splitting distance of each other. There was also a feast of Jaguar Mk2s, Daimler V8s and Porsche 911s.

IMG_3641 (Custom)

As interesting as the auction lots were, the main action was placed near the Wellington Hanger and the clubhouse. On show there was a larger gathering from the Morris Minor Owners Clubs, various Metros, pair of Morris Marinas, a selection of Austin and Vanden Plas Allegros, and a delightful collection of Wedges, a few classic Minis in attendance and post-war Austins, and pre-war Morrises. Oh, and one Mini Moke representing the Owners Club.

IMG_3694 (Custom)

The presence of Morris Minors was rather overwhelming, it has to be said. With most models on offer, in various conditions, there was far from a shortage. A favourite of ours was the early split-window Minor with tatty bodywork and worn out paintwork (including smashed rear-window and lacking some of the floorpan). There was also a brightly coloured Minor featuring period Slot-mags, visor, window-tints and quite possibly a V8.

IMG_3686 (Custom)

Nearest the clubhouse was a large representation of Westminsters, Cambridges, and Oxfords. The longbridge side was catered with a fair number of ADO16s, including Austin 1300s, a Countryman and a pristine MG 1300.

The day was finished off with a passenger ride in friend’s Austin Allegro estate around the Mercedes Benz track, in which we joined the largest BMC/Austin queue around the circuit. Photos were taken of the cars as they went around, with a Fire truck on backup and Mercedes Benz of sorts at the ready to make sure we departed fairly rapidly. It wasn’t quite as exciting or thrilling prospect as we first thought.

After three numbing laps we headed towards the banking at the original Brooklands circuit and gathered in an orderly form with fellow Austin/Morris owners for a photoshoot.

Given the quite average weather it is certainly a must for any Austin/Morris enthusiast, but the Historics at Brooklands proved to quite a distraction.

Thanks to Alex for the passenger ride in the Allegro.

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