Your Cars: Dennis Bishop’s – BMW E30 325i 1988

Dennis introduces his BMW E30…..

IMG_3608 (Custom)

Name:  Dennis Bishop

Car: BMW E30 325i 1988

Owned Since: 2006

Why I bought it:

“After many years of hot hatch ownership, mainly golfs  I upgraded to a mk3 GTi or so i thought, only to find that the mk3 was heavier, slower and boring to drive. It didn’t handle as good as my old mk2 which for me is no good if you can’t enjoy driving your car, then there’s no point in having owning it, so i decided it was time to go back to a RWD car that i could use for road and track. Some time later I stumbled upon a tired looking e30 an agreement was made and took my new to me shed home.”

Things I dislike:

“Well that’s easy, nothing, tinkering with my old car is pretty much the same as life is, a journey to be enjoyed whilst you can.”

Things I like: 

“The fact that my car has no power steering or electric windows, the clutch pedal is heavy and there’s a sense of occasion every time I fire up the old six pot for the Sunday morning drive.”

IMG_3607 (Custom)

Your most rememberable outing with the car

“The most memorable day, was a little over 600 miles ago when I handed the keys to the e30 the mot man to take for its test, some hours later the car was return to having been given a clean bill of health, and the mot man grinning like a Cheshire dog having enjoyed the drive of my old car.”

What are the costs like?

“The e30 cost a mixture of money and labour which equaled to x amount, and more over 3 years whilst I replaced tired or failed components with a mixture of oem or upgraded parts of which there was many: Shock absorbers,springs,rubber bushes, oem wheels, stainless exhuast, limited slip diff, carpet, bucket seats,propshaft centre bearing and doughnut,oem boot spoiler, cam belt, water pump,belt tensioner, brake components overhauled, cavity’s waxoyled.  How many man hours I have no idea which bring me back to cost, well whatever it was it was well worth it.”

IMG_3615 (Custom)

What next? 

“More power would be nice, the standard lump has 170 bhp whilst it’s is plenty for a car that doesn’t weigh much it is not enough for me, so I am contemplating a engine transplant, maybe next winter depending on what life chucks at me.”

You can follow Dennis here.

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