Your Cars: Andrew Stacey’s Ford Escort Mk2

Rallying.  Those that follow it will have their favourite cars/Marques/Drivers.  We can all imagine ourselves blasting up a mountain pass on the Monte attempting to not die in the process. Having seen Björn Waldegård do it, how hard can it be?  These are the thoughts that brought me to buy a Mk2 Escort.

I will add at this point that this has been a joint venture with my old man, the person most responsible for my main outgoing after the mortgage. The motor vehicle. We went halfers on a solid non runner that belonged to a mate I did some co-driving with (in a Stratos replica with 300 bhp. How I’m not dead has yet to be explained) that was emigrating. The car had never run whilst he’d had it and was bought off his brother-in-law who had bought it in the dark as a prepared car. Lets just say there wasn’t much, apart from a solid shell, that was worth keeping.


We didn’t buy it thinking we would be rallying it.  Anyone who has done motorsport of any type will know it is bloody expensive.  Rallying especially so.  This car was to be for track days and early morning blasts in to Derbyshire or The Lakes depending on whoever had custody of the car at the time. 

 Sharing a car that needed a total rebuild with somebody three hours drive away made for slow progress as you can imagine. The 1700 xflow was toast and every time we took something off the car we found it was knackered. Apart from the rear axle, which has had an LSD fitted, the rest of the car has either been renewed or replaced. 


I’m ashamed to say it took two and half years before the car had an Mot cert. It has since done half a dozen track days, not always successfully I might add, but has always been right old riot. 


2.0 Pinto on twin 45 webbers approx 145bhp

Sierra 5 speed box, standard internals

English axle with 4/1 ratio diff and plate LSD

Hi spec 4 pot brake callipers and M1144 Mintex Pads

185/60/13 Toyo R888 tyres

The car was with Andy at Podium Prep in Binbrook, Lincolnshire, having some work done over winter.  We had been having a bad vibration from the tunnel and rear axle that turned out to be an incorrect length propshaft.  I’m so pleased Andy has sorted this as its been bugging us for some time. Other stuff he’s been up to is additional roll cage tubing, the Hi spec 4 pots, head gasket change, new diff seals, rear suspension mods, fibreglass bonnet and boot fitted.

I’m really looking forward to getting the car back and doing some more track days with it.  It’s always really popular when we take it on track days with loads of folk wanting passenger laps in it. In fact I had the beginnings of a queue one day at the Anglesey Circuit!


 Other work planned for the car? It will be having a paintwork touch up here and there to tidy it up a bit.   It also needs the wiring tidied up, a Perspex window kit and I’ve always fancied some group 4 arches for it. However, my old man isn’t so sure. We’ll see…

You can follow Andrew Stacey here.


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