Retro and Classic Cars ‘Your Cars’ Pool needs you……

If we were to ask R&CC readers what aspect of the retro and classic car scene they enjoyed most, what do you think would come out on top?

Would it be the sensible nature of a very demure and reserved hobby? Definitely not!

Surely it would be the diversity and range of taste, style and character which permeates the vast spectrum of classic and retro car owners!?

To celebrate this expanse of variation, wealth of knowledge and endless experience that exists within our clubs, friendships and forums we here at R&CC would like to open the door to you, our fellow enthusiasts, to share your classic and retro cars with us.

Entry criteria? None. Well, ok, you should probably own a retro or classic auto but beyond that we won’t fuss. German, French or British, we’ll take them all! 20s, 60s or 90s? You’re welcome! The list could go on a while…

We want to know why you own the car (or cars!) you do. Are you fortunate enough to own your childhood hero? Do you still have your first car? Or could it be that your motor is scratch-built from tears, skinned knuckles and oil drenched nights on a cold garage floor?

What do you love about your car? What do you hate about it? Have you taken it on any epic journeys? When do you use it? Are you in a club? Did you work on it yourself? So many questions…

At R&CC the best conversations we have with fellow owners are about the stories attached to a vehicle. We love to hear about the sunny days cruising coastal roads with the wicker picnic hamper lashed to the boot lid of the MGB. The time you pulled up at the lights and destroyed that 17 year old in his Saxo with your sleeper-modded 2002tii. But also the times you laugh about with friends, like when the filling station attendant wouldn’t start the pump for you filling the underseat tank your Landie. Kids these days!

 So get your brains into gear (sorry) and get writing! Tell us as much as you like and send us photos of you with your wheels. We’d love the stats on your wagon (especially those modded beasties) and tell us stories to inspire us to get out and drive. Or, for those BL owners among you, to get out and weld.

 At the end of the day this hobby is for everyone, not the fortunate few who can find the time to wax lyrical about the virtues of their chosen steed. We want your story and not just a one-off either, updates would be great if you can manage it!

 You’ve heard our tales, now it’s your turn! 

Drop us a line at

Your Cars Favourites 

Dodge Charger

Saab 900 Turbo

Chevrolet Corsair

BMW M3 E30

Austin A40 V8

Toyota Corona

Audi Urquattro

Words James Wylie


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