Ram Kanadia’s 2012 season highlights

As the 2012 Motoring Season draws to a close I roundup my highlights from this short summer.

1. Ferrari Silverstone – Saturday 15th September

 Ferrari. Silverstone. Racing. World Record. These are all terms synonymous with each other, but when you bring in the fact that nearly 1200 cars were registered to take part in Saturday’s world record attempt, it’s hard not to be in awe at that figure.

A few months ago I received a small invite from Ferrari to take part in what was to be a record breaking single gathering of Prancing Horses; attempting to smash the previous record of 490 Ferraris set at the Fuji Speedway Circuit in Japan. I was only happy to oblige!

Upon arrival at Silverstone, slightly later than planned, we were greeted by a short queue of cars, most notably a Rosso Corsa Enzo and a 550 Barchetta. Ferrari put on an amazing event, before the attempt Ferrari Racing Days had arranged for owners of the 599XX and FXX to race their cars throughout the day, but once the clock hit 17:00 owners fired up their engines Le Mans style, though not quite the 1200 cars organisers were hoping for, the grand total came it at 964 Ferraris; it will take a lot of effort to beat that!

The highlight of the event for me though was the fact that the lead car was driven by Felipe Massa who was at the wheel of a 458 Spider. Vicky-Butler Henderson also popped along in an F12, the latest 730bhp 599 replacement.

 2. Goodwood Revival 

 The 2012 Motoring Event came to a close with Goodwood Revival – after almost 75 years Auto-Union and Mercedes Benz racers from the 30’s took to the track at Glorious Goodwood. Each original Silver Arrows car was driven by a selection of motoring heroes including Le Mans winner Jochen Mass, the world famous Sir Jackie Stewart and DTM champion Bernd Scneider among others. One car in particular was a crowd pleaser – the W125 which produced an astonishing 600 bhp which is remarkable for 1937!

 3. Wilton House 2012

This event has grown from strength to strength – Wilton House, home to the Earl of Pembroke hosts a Super and Classic car event once a year in August. This year was no different in that it managed to surpass all previous expectations and produce cars of the highest calibre ranging from the latest 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish to an original Jaguar E-Type S1.

 4. Chelsea Auto Legends

 Only in its third year, the organisers at Chelsea surpassed all previous efforts with such an exciting array of metal set in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in the heart of London. The streets of London echoed the sound of 500 classic sports cars from the early 20th Century to motorsport heroes – there was a magnificent display of rally cars which can be seen below. The key themes of this year’s event were ‘70’s Cool, Stars’ Cars, Le Mans and Formula 1’.

More photos below:


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