Stancing: Your Cars – Joey’s car history (part 1)

Following the ownership of a succession of very low riding Seat Arosa’s with various engines and transmissions, a charismatic but frilly edged 1976 Series 1, Mk1 Golf on air suspension and a thirsty series 1, 1986 BMW E30. Both clad in glorious beige. It’s safe to say that although only in the dawn of my driving career, I have been privileged enough (lucky enough and worked hard enough) to have obtained a few of my halo cars albeit fleetingly. They each proved to be equally ungrateful of the naïve appreciation I too willingly gave them. Basically I bit off much more than I could chew, and swallowing it nearly killed me.

The VW Golf was very needy, but had a bad habit of wanting more than its fair share

I don’t think a day goes by when these two cars don’t cross my mind. I’m still unsure whether the memories are of a positive nature or a haunting one. I guess the old phrase “Never meet your heroes” rings very true here.

The trusty 6-pot BMW E30

One was iconic and charming yet incontinent and bat-shit crazy, whilst the other was very well dressed and in good shape but a raging alcoholic.

Despite the sub 25k mileage the Golf liked to wee it’s coolant out all over the road and start small electrical fires in the dash at every opportunity. It let me down childishly too many times, then failed an MOT due to excessive ‘frilly’ bits (try the entire bulk head looking like a fishnet). I couldn’t trust the old girl anymore so had to let her go to someone who could care for her properly, even if it was at great financial loss to me.

Low mileage Golf, but wasn’t a relationship meant to be

The BMW was a joy to own: fantastic road holding, with a poetic 6-pot buzz, casually applying opposite lock on cobbled round-abouts, providing effortless, stylish wafty fun. I loved to drive this car, I drove it a lot, and I honestly may as well have been driving about hanging my open wallet out the window as on average it achieved 14mpg.

Compared to the BMW E30 which was a dream to be driving around in

Reflecting back now, I wish I had just garaged the Golf and patched her up as and when I could afford to do so; as that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am also now convinced I should have put the E34/36 2.5TDS 6-pot into the E30 and continued to drive it while I repaired the Golf.

“If I knew then, what I know now..”
Beautiful thing; hindsight.

I spent the next year or so scraping about in another very low SEAT Arosa. Until eventually the longing for something timeless, something special; could no longer be suppressed.

Keeping it low with the Seat Arosa

You can follow Joey here and the website he has an involvement with here.


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