Sunday Column: Ram Kanadia – Wilton House 2012

For those of you who love modern day supercars but also have a soft spot for classic motoring will love Wilton House Supercar Day.
First, let me introduce Wilton House; it is home to The Earl of Pembroke (himself a Veyron owner) and has been lived in by successive generations of the family since 1544. The house is set in beautiful grounds and once a year plays host to a gathering of the world’s greatest supercars.
The event, planned by JAYKAYBI ( first took place in 2009 and every year it has grown from strength to strength. I first attended the Supercar day in 2010 where I found that it was nothing like any other event. At most other events you were never able to see some of the world’s rarest and most exotic cars within touching distance let alone being revved while entering in a convoy. I was blown away with the amount of organisation and planning that went into the 2010 event as the end result was a perfectly polished day where each and every person enjoyed themselves. You can imagine my surprise then, when I found that the 2011 event, which I was kindly invited to, integrated a further element of classic cars into the mix.
The morning of Wilton House 2011 started off in Greater London, a joining of supercars in the early hours and an enjoyable convoy of lovely sounds through to the service station where another group of cars were to join the party. The next destination was Gurston Down Hill Climb – an opportunity for the owners of these cars to exploit their performance and experience the full potential. It is safe to say that everyone who took part, even those first reluctant in doing so, fast became addicted and I for one could not help but continuously join the line-up for another sprint. While the drivers and passengers relished in the opportunity, back at Wilton House a crowd was building – all eager to encounter the sights and sounds which were still breath-taking a few hours later.
A few parties decided to join the convoy at Gurston Down which was to be the final pit-stop before the grand entrance. Words cannot explain the atmosphere and feeling of being welcomed into Wilton House where crowds flocked to see the glorious line-up of automobiles, fronted by Lord Pembroke’s Bugatti Veyron which, only a few short hours earlier, he had whipped up Gurston Down. This video may help somewhat…
(2011 EVENT) You may spot my Porsche GT2 @ 4:35 ish!
Retro and Classic Car readers really need to get involved to help this year, the event is planned to take place on Sunday 5th August where 200 of the rarest and fastest supercars ever made will be on display. It is also important not to forget the good cause that this is all being prepared for; raising money for the Salisbury District Hospital’s Stars Appeal for poorly children. For a relatively small fee a huge benefit is transferred to the charity while the attendees can expect an array of entertainment from live music to a sky diver, or even exploring the vast grounds.
Here are the videos from previous years:
(2010 EVENT)
(2009 EVENT)
Tickets can be purchased immediately from

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