Your Cars: Andy Williams – 1990 Audi 100 Turbo Type44

The love affair between me and G678 PNV started in May 2011. Needing another car as the  Peugeot 406 I had died miserably on the day I got back from a Caribbean cruise saw me trawling the internet wondering what to buy. My heart had always been with German cars so I thought it best to stick with what I know. So I started looking at VW Beetles but soon realised the £900 I had wasn’t going to get me much of a daily driver that I could just get on with and drive, and didn’t fancy a rolling resto as I already have one of those (1973 VW Bay Window Devon Camper). MGB GTs kept rearing their heads, almost bidding on a nice red one not far from me but soon I realised it wasn’t what I really wanted and would probably be as rusty as a beetle. Autotrader and eBay became an everyday chore, first time I was annoyed at searching for a car, just seemed to be rubbish and overpriced. I spent a lot of time going over what I had already looked at, not really happy with anything for sale, I was about to give up. I left it a few days and searched again.

Checking the trader one last time on a weekday afternoon I noticed this immaculate type44 white Audi 100 turbo at the asking price of £980. After a phone call to the owner we had agreed he would call me back once the other person interested had either bought it or walked away. I thought it would sell straight away; the write up was very good, plenty of history, loads of spares and the pictures were very eye catching. I’d convinced myself it would sell so started looking again. At 10pm the seller called me back to say the guy who came to look earlier in the day had changed his mind, (for reasons I’m not sure). So off I went like a rocket to meet the seller and take this old girl for a test drive. I bought it there and then, couldn’t fault it.

A not often seen immaculate 100 Turbo example

165bhp 2.2 5 cylinder 10 valve turbocharged German goodness

Running a car like this Audi as a daily driver is extremely straight forward with peace of mind, just turn the key, select ‘D’ and drive. Some classic cars can be very temperamental and become a love hate relationship wondering if they will start in the winter and over heat in the summer, not the 100, everything is in its stride, and nothing is too much. Perfect running gear (in my mind) mixed with climate control, full electrics, supportive seats  and great driving position gives enough from this 21 year old luxo barge to think it’s a lot  more modern than it actually is.

If you’re like me, and not that great when it comes to  spanners when the engine is involved and you worry about who will work on your classic car then this can potentially be  very stressful , luckily I found a great guy and mechanic called Kit Simmonds who is a member (much like myself) of the fantastic Classic Audi forum. Kit Simmonds knowledge of the Audi 5 cylinder engine (and anything else) is remarkable, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing (Cliché – yes but true). I had the cam belt, idle roller, aux belts, water pump, engine mount and all 10 cam followers change along with an oil and filter service not forgetting the rocker cover gasket. Well worth the 350 mile round trip. Thanks Kit.

Upgrade to a 3 spoke steering wheel is a nice touch

I have owned the Audi for almost 8 months now and can honestly say it’s the best car I’ve owned, I’ve had over 27 vehicles of all makes and models mostly VAG. I will say that this 100 turbo is an automatic FWD, not the manual Quattro most people hanker after, don’t let this put you off buying one, it’s still a great car with plenty of performance and a very smooth ride even if a little juicy. Reading a number of sites on the internet the 100 turbo auto apparently hits 60 in 7.5 seconds and tops out at a little over 135mph. Possibly, I’ve not tried. Much.

Sadly all the history was lost; this happened by mistake when the owner was selling this car he was also moving abroad and thinks he packed it and sent it off, he did call to say no luck and would be sure to send it to me if he found it. I can’t help but feel it got thrown out by mistake, never to be seen again. No history for a car that is so clean is such a shame. Oh well, out of my hands and I guess lowers the value, maybe.

Since the mechanics carried out I’ve simply just driven the Audi and enjoyed every minute, clocking up some comfy and trouble free miles putting the overall mileage of the car just over 106k. Plans for the car – look after and drive it.

You can follow Andy here.

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