Events: Pride of Longbridge 2012

Date – Saturday 14th April 2012.

Location – Cofton Park, Low Hill lane, Longbridge, B31 2BQ

Times – 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Admission – Free.

 One year has passed since a very special event I attended to last year; this was Pride of Longbridge (POL). The event unites and celebrates the many vehicles that have been produced within the Longbridge factory dating back to 1905. It began a year after the demise of MG Rover Group in April 2005.

POL 2011 was the first year I have attended, it held a certain significance to me as my Rover 45 was produced in the Longbridge factory. All the people are extremely welcoming and during the period of last year I have gained a number of great friends within the MG Rover community.

Scott and Abbie (The Rover 45)

POL 2012 will be the seventh anniversary since the demise of MG Rover Group. This year will also include a number of special anniversaries including;

90 Years of the Austin 7
80 years of the Austin 10
60 Years of the Austin Somerset
60 Years of Austin A30/A35
50 Years of the MGB
50 Years of the 1100/1300 range.
30 Years of the Austin Ambassador

It was said that an estimated 2500 people visited the event and 880 Longbridge related vehicles joined. Hopefully this year will be even greater.

Retro and Classic Cars will love to see you there.

Scott Lancaster.


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