News: Retro and Classic Cars Editor takes a trip down nostalgic lane and looks to the future

Retro and Classic Cars has evolved quite a lot from its humble origins back in April 2010. There was once just me writing all of the content till I was joined by Peter Griffiths and Cameron Gibson in March 2011. This followed with Ram Kanadia joining latter part of the year, Chris Griffiths and Scott Lancaster in 2012. We’ve seen a number of journalists contribute, and future automotive journalists such as Danielle Bagnall pop their nose in.

Throughout the two year period that the site has been around, it has become a family to me to some extent. We all get along well; although we are all based in different parts of the country and part take in different activities by day but share that one interest, retro and classic cars. I would like to say that every contributor who has been under my wing, has much like myself worked him or herself hard to make sure that you read about the topics and cars most of interest.

Running Retro and Classic has had its moments I’ll openly admit, but seeing the shear proud-ness of our readers once their cars have been featured can’t be beaten. I’d like to hope that all of the hard work that I’ve put into the site will continue even when I’m no longer running it come the latter part of August 2012.

I’m sure there is going to be a few of you inclined to ask as to how this conclusion has arisen, and most importantly as to why. Back in September 2011 I started an Automotive Engineering course at University and have now come to the point where the increase in work load, along with my ambitions to write means I have to part ways.

I have the best intentions for the site when it changes hand, with you guys in mind. Although I won’t be calling the shots and seeing the development of the site, I’m sure you’ll come across more of my content elsewhere on the internet. I’ll be setting up a new website and venture come the latter of the year.

Over and out!

There will be plenty of this in 2012


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