Detailing: Retro and Classic Cars introduces detailing and a new member of the team

I was unsure about starting such a segment for Retro and Classic Cars given what is usually posted and that detailing our classics isn’t always at the highest of priorities. The best the fleet Rover Mini gets is a wash down (using the two bucket method) a wash and wax, and then a polish. It’s still awaiting clay bar treatment and re-furbed Minilites along with many other niggles that frustrate me.

The Mini post a wash and wax

So what’s this detailing malarkey about? Well, there’s a lot more to it than a hose down, wash and dry with a Chamois Leather. Chris Griffiths of Griffiths Detailing fame will be joining the team and covering a number of techniques and tips that you can apply to your own personal retro or classic cars every third Sunday. I’ve heard he is quite a dab at hand at this sort of thing, so ease him in gently.

A brief profile on Chris Griffith:

 How long have you been detailing?

I’ve been detailing since 2002

Don’t judge him on when he was established!

What were doing before?

I joined the 2nd royal tank regiment straight from school and spent 6 years there, spent the time detailing friends vehicles all the time. I left the army in 2002 after a tank accident in Canada and started my own detailing company straight away.

Where are you based?

We have a unit in Leeds or we cover all the UK via our mobile service.

Have you always been interested in cars?

I’ve always been obsessed with cars.

 Why do you love what you do?

Detailing come naturally to me, I still love what I do and take great pride in my work.

 What is your favourite car?

My favourite car changes on a regular basis, currently I’d say is the Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari F40.

What’s your previous car history?

My history of cars isn’t too great if I’m honest. My first car was a T reg (brand new at the time) Vauxhall Corsa 1.6 sport, followed by a K reg Ford Fiesta Xr2i, Renault Laguna Sport, Mercedes ML and now a family Zafira.

You can follow Chris here.


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