Feature: Retro and Classic Cars Review of 2011

Retro and Classic Cars is now in its 2nd year since starting back in 2010. There has been everything from Rovers to Austin Allegros featured and yet somehow we’ve managed to avoid the backslash that such cars usually create. To further that the site gained one splendid writer by the name of Danielle and discovered quite possibly of the rarest Ford Escorts around thanks to Ram.

So onto the events that slipped by us last year, and never got the attention they were due.

The first of the season was Herne Bay Classic Car Show on 30th April 2011. Having heard of its whereabouts locally, I thought it was a worth a trip to see where classic metal was around.  It isn’t you often you come across a Citroen DS Safari alongside period motorbikes. A very traditional classic car show very much a trip down nostalgic lane for those who used to own Minis and MGB GTs.

Classic Minis. Traditional and timeless.

In May I headed to the Cornbury Rally Show and got so involved in the two day trip there and back, that I forgot to do a feature. I met up with a MGB GT owner based in Kent, and he kindly gave me a lift up there for the weekend. It was quite an enjoyable weekend with Group B cars a plenty, with the odd ex-works cars lurking around.

Ex- works Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. Iconic and still showing that the old school can still entertain.

Following the rally event, a friend and I headed to Goodwood Moving Motorshow back in June on behalf of Autotrader. This was the first time I had visited Goodwood, and it was a spectacle. There is such a feeling of occasion when you’re there and surrounded by some of the finest cars. The concourse area was somewhat a highlight with the Eagle Speedster on show. Thanks to Autotrader for the tickets.

Porsche 356 Outlaw. Proper Pork fine fettled to perfection.

Later on during the year I headed to Brands Hatch in convoy with the same very MG owner I mentioned earlier to the Historic Superprix. This was definitely one of my events of the year for me with dozens of classics scattered amongst the historic race cars.

Lamborghini Muira S: One of 140. Need I say anymore!

This is said to be one of Kent’s finest classic car events to attend, and it certainly proved its worth on the day. Being the location of where the ‘Darling Buds of May’ TV series was held, it provided a lovely backdrop with a mix of eccentric cars. 

Ford Granada GXL with what appeared to a be a V8 fitted. Car conversions are still very much alive.

The Abbots Barton Charity Car Show maybe not very familiar to many of you. This began its first event on the 24th July 2011 bringing a small collection of enthusiasts and racing drivers to one of Kent’s well kept lawn. I’m sure this will more than likely become a regular event for my calendar with such a welcoming atmosphere and free Formula 1 to watch.

Classics galore. Two clean and subtly modded Triumph Tr6s.

Onto – Bromley Pageant. I remember this event well as it was merely a spur of the moment decision on my part. The previous weeks building up to this were spent discussing over the merits and scale it was going to be. This led to many emails between a classic car enthusiast and I who featured his Allegro. As is the way, I agreed to it last minute as the opportunity couldn’t be missed. If you’re a very keen classic car enthusiast you must attend this just for the shear vast amount of classics you see in one location.

Ford Zephyr/Zodiac with a 302 V8, producing in the region of at least 350bhp or more.

Onto the finale: Autotweetup – September 21st 2011. There aren’t many events where you often see yourself sitting alongside journalists and liked mind people in the industry. This was another highlight of my year, and truly showed that Retro and Classic Cars is moving in the right direction. It was such a great opportunity and was a cracking afternoon. Thanks to Tim Hutton, Andy, Alastair and Ash.

Toyota’s fleet attracted a lot of interest throughout the day.

Throughout 2012 I’ll be covering classic car events where I can, and will make sure they are featured. I would like to thank all of the writers for taking out their time to write for Retro and Classic Cars, I can never thank you all enough.

Bring on more classic mayhem for 2012….

Yes, I know I’m late again.


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