Rarity Spotlight: Ford Mustang 4WD Ferguson FF

With winter coming round the corner, and many classic car websites bringing up so many gems I thought I would start with this. Is it a coincidence or timing? I’m not sure, but it is all part of the appeal to be fair. I spend my evenings like many enthusiasts, getting on with the choirs and then resorting to the likes of Ebay for my form of relief.

One of the most famous examples that featured a four-wheel-drive (4wd) system was the Jensen Interceptor (FF) developed by Harry Ferguson. This was one step of a head of Audi and their Quattro system. In fact it wasn’t the 1980s that the idea was captured once again, and then took the rally stage by storm.

Ferguson then got their hands on a late 60s Ford Mustang 427 and went about taking the power train from the Jensen FF and transferring it in and adapting to ‘All wheel control’.

This translated to a 60/40 weight bias, 0-60 in just over 7 seconds and claims that it would be take wet and snowy conditions lightly. The Mustang was fitted with the automatic as seen above.

Apparently there are three prototype examples in the notchback form that were used to demonstrate its capabilities to the likes of the Police in the USA.

This particular example comes with the original log book, with maintenance, specification, mileage of 57,100 miles and fitted with Dunlop’s Maxaret (ABS) system.

There is even a mention of a road trip to France and its first road test. The existing engine has been overhauled, and was once in ownership of the Harry Ferguson Family Museum on the Isle of Wight.

So do yourself a favour this Christmas and buy a Ford Mustang that is 4wd.

The Mustang can be seen here: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C269579


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