Events: Preparation for Retro and Classic Cars 2nd Birthday

It was back in 2010; 5th of April to be exact,that Retro and Classic Cars was created and it’s been going from strength to strength each year.  Seeing as we didn’t go about hosting an event the April just gone for its first birthday we’ve decided that we would do something special for its second around 7th April 2012 and you’re all invited.

A gathering of Classics let’s aim for similar

To celebrate the 2 years of the site we’re looking into having a gathering at a classic car museum or perhaps a period-classic car event such as Retro-Rides Gathering later in the year.

We haven’t set out an official plan as of yet, but will more likely we’ll see Charlie Johnson blabber on and happily answer any questions you have (fingers crossed he won’t go on about British Leyland too much) at any the place that is decided on.

The current thought is to hold a meeting at Mercedes Benz World .This will most likely start 10am and finish by about 2pm or thereabouts.

We’ll certainly do our best to find what beer and cake from behind the sofa, and bring it along.

We can’t guarantee any guests at this stage, but if we get Keith Adams or Jonny Smith to attend we’ll let you know.

There will be more information added to this, and dates will be confirmed closer to the time.

Don’t forget to comment below to show you’re interest so that we can get a clear idea of numbers attending.

See you at the 7th April 2012 at Mercedes Benz World at 10am!


We’ve got 30 spaces, so lets fill them!


22 responses to “Events: Preparation for Retro and Classic Cars 2nd Birthday

  1. Nice idea. Would be interested in coming along but as always that would depend on motorsport calendar and work commitments.

    Other possible locations could be Haynes Museum at Sparkford (not been there myself). Or maybe Brooklands or even Beaulieu (however you spell it).

    You may also consider a meet at Mallory, Thruxton, Snetterton or Brand Hatch, for instance – perhaps if they have a classic-themed race event on the chosen date.

  2. Sounds like an event to give the Daytona an airing for. Brooklands or Goodwood are always good for me, but anywhere that’s not more than a couple of hours from London are fine

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