Car Clubs: A chat with the lad behind Thanet Classics Car Club

When we were younger many of us had dreams and ambitions, some of those have come true while others are still plugging away until their ambition is met. To manage a car club brings many new challenges, especially if you haven’t had any past experience.

Before I went about writing this, I didn’t know that you could go about setting your own car club with ease.

Thanet Classics was established in late July 2010, and has been booming in members since then.

I had a chat with Lee Collier to find out what’s it like to manage your own car club on your doorstep.

How easy was it to create the club, and were there any barriers in the way?

Lee: I don’t think it’s fair to say that you can start a car club with ease, but with the right contacts and by putting in work at the beginning you can create something good in a very short amount of time. The only barrier I faced was competition from other clubs.  It is also important that the word of the club spreads otherwise it may become a struggle.  Unless you’re willing to work for the publicity and be cheeky with the papers and radio you aren’t likely to get far with the club. As well as that I had to go about getting public liability insurance for the club stand, but luckily it didn’t cost too much!

Whose idea was it to create the club?

Lee: It was originally my dad and his two mate’s idea when they were at Darling Buds last year. I was only involved with the website side of things, but ended up getting more caught up in the proposal of a club. Now my dad and I run Thanet Classic Car Club.

When was the clubs’ first meet?

Lee: The first meet was held on the 2nd September 2010 at The Red Arrows Club in Ramsgate held near the swimming pool. We had a good gathering with 7 cars.

The enthusiasts gather for the first time

Why did you want to create the club, given that there are so many around?

Lee: I was hoping to give like-minded enthusiasts the chance to socialise and enjoy the family atmosphere that Thanet Classics Car Club has without the cost that the usual car club brings. What I love is the fact we have so many different ages within the club, I can’t say I’ve seen many clubs that do.

What makes Thanet Classic Car Club different to existing clubs?

Lee: There aren’t many clubs in the Thanet area that offer the option of being any age to join, nor have such lee-way on what cars are allowed in. At the time there was only one local club near me.

Age doesn’t matter, it’s all about the cars!

Where are the meets held? Are they on a regular basis?

Lee: They are held at the Red Arrows Club in Ramsgate on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:15pm. I am looking to bring in a few mid-month meets, so keep a look out.  We will be holding a Christmas Cruise on the 11th December, so please pop along.

A superb Tuesday evening hosted by Thanet Classics at the Red Arrows Club

What are your future plans for the club?

Lee:  I would like to build on the current membership of 150 members, and see if we can increase the amount of cars at each of the meets. Last year we had a strong gathering for the Thanet Classic Car Club Christmas Cruise, and would like to interest spread. This should help me achieve my aim of raising more money for charity.

What cars do you own?

Lee: At the moment my daily is a VW Breadvan Mk2, and when I’m not blasting around in that I’m usually showing my 1962 VW Camper Split-screen.

Lee’s Camper enjoying the sun

If you see a dark red and white VW Camper split-screen with a 32″ TV in the back at Bug Jam, come and say hi to Lee.

You can join the club by visiting

Facebook: Thanet Classics Car Club


2 responses to “Car Clubs: A chat with the lad behind Thanet Classics Car Club

  1. Great club,
    A real diversity of Vehicles and real friendly crowd
    An honor to have been welcomed into the club.


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