Motoring News: Saab’s ordeal: An end is in sight.

The ever enthusiastic and relentless Victor Muller has managed to succeed in a deal with Chinese distributor, Pangda. The deal sees Pangda buying Saab manufactured cars to the sum of $30 million, and another injection for $15 million is to follow. This will see both parties will benefit. Pangda gets exclusive access to Saab in China, Saab can finally rebuild a dealer network there, and the money will see production hopefully restart as soon as “late next week.” The EIB are also re-evaluating Vladimir Antovov’s request to invest in Saab AB and to become a shareholder. The deal follows negotiations with another Chinese company Hawtai which fell through. Apparently, their proposal failed to mention any reference of the ‘Phoenix’ architecture and platform. This is significant as the phoenix platform is vital to the new 9-3. Any loss in development of this platform could have had serious repercussions for Saab’s future.

Needn’t worry though, the deal fell through. At least in the mid-term this deal will secure Saab’s future. This is helped by the support of a great portfolio of cars that Saab has planned for its future.

What seemed impossible, Victor Muller made possible. The man has what seems never-ending patience, enthusiasm and determination. The VW group may have had the genius which was Dr Ferdinand Piech, but Saab has Victor Muller. And he is our biggest weapon of all. Victor has proved this, and as a result the German’s better watch their tails.


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