Features: Cameron heads to Modified Live.

I will be the first to admit that I hate modified cars. I fail to see the point of modifying a car which has been through development costing millions. The end result of your endeavor is one which tarnishes the appeal, look, performance -if not all three of your car. So, I would be out-of-place at a modifying meeting wouldn’t I? I felt the same way, and that my prejudices would be clearly felt and swiftly dealt with, by a big man wearing his ill fitting Ralliart basketball cap.

Thankfully, this never happened. In fact, something strange and bewildering happened. I soon became enthralled by the 1000bhp Skylines, CRXs and Evolutions bombing down Knockhill’s tight circuit. The event was something called “Time Attack”, and the level of driving was extraordinary. Even on damp asphalt at Knockhill, spins were rarely an occurrence. At these meetings, the car park often upstages the cars on display at the event. Time Attack was no different. The field overlooking the circuit was awash with plenty of rare cars. I counted three RS4’s, a Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo, a Peugeot 106 Rallye, an Audi UR Quattro SWB, a Lotus Cortina, a Vauxhall VX8R, two Vauxhall VX220’s, and the best one; a Volvo V50 T-5 Polestar.

On track, a Group B Metro screamed its V6 war-cry, and nearby nesting Osprey’s made a swift exit. It wasn’t to be upstaged by Japanese metal, nor Dagenham’s offerings of a  race prepare Escort Cosworth. The unbelievably fast and loud Skylines, Evos and ex WTCC Seat Leon’s diced wheel to wheel too.

The relatively quiet paddock not on race day, became a buzzing centre of activity with teams, drivers and enthusiasts a like chatting and walking around, admiring cars. The Knockhill Ferrari, and RPM Morgan’s cars were swiftly moved as the sea of Fords and Subarus made their presence known. Many Ford fans had displayed their Fiestas, Focuses and Mondeos. I spotted a performance blue ST200 version of the MK2 Mondeo never seen one in the wild before. Also a MK1 RS Focus got to meet its successor, the MK2. A Sierra Cosworth also gained a lot of attention. The tuners favourite poster boy, the Subaru Impreza, also came in their droves.

Here in Scotland, you get the sense that Colin McRae may be gone in body, but his spirit still lives on, in many people me included. McRae’s presence was everywhere. Many Subarus had his famous saying: “If in doubt, flat out”, and many proudly had “McRae Gathering” on their bonnets.

It may have been a cold and damp day, but many people turned up. Many in team branded clothing -most common was RallyeSport, and one lady wore a Peugeot Le Man coat, which I thought was cool. Despite the weather however, Knockhill delivered, and delivered well.


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