Motoring News: MG returns with new hatch

Hold on to your Tweed caps; MG is back!
However, before we get all nostalgic and rose tinted about blasting down a country road in a drop top MG, let us consider the future of the company and its products.

The first car in this new lineup -the MG6- has a considerable burden on its shoulders. It not only has to be the cash cow of MG, but it also has to promote the revitalised brand. On first impressions it does a decent job. The MG6 is certainly the oddball in a sea of mediocre styled hatchbacks. Its fastback body shell, coupled with the vivid orange paint suggests the car is athletic -not stodgy. The interior looks nothing compared to MG’s of yesteryear. However, brittle plastics still remain.
Engineering and design of the MG6 was purely a UK effort, and Road Tests show it has been worth it. Currently, the MG6 is powered by a 1.8 TCi-Tech although, there are plans for a diesel next year.

Priced competitively along with striking looks. MG should sell plenty of MG6’s.

MG has a sister company in China called Roewe. This is significant, as some of Roewe cars could potentially be rebadged as an MG, and be sold here.

One of these cars is the 550 saloon. It was developed as with the MG6- here in Britain. This means that the 75’s 1.8 engine has been carried over too. The interior as with the exterior- looks sleek, but with an air of tradition 75-ness sowed in, this means wood and leather are to be found inside coupled together with modern accessories. Like the 75, it is not hard to fall for the Roewe’s charm, however does that mean it will sell? Time will tell.

MG also plans to enter the supermini sector, with its new MG3 model. The Zero concept which previewed it attracted a lot attention. MG is bullish about the cars handling and promise that it will be fun to drive.


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