Sunday Column: Corey Isolda – The magic of classics: A mini story

Happy is exactly what I’m feeling right now! I have just arrived home from Brighton in my little red rocket in a huge convoy of Mini’s as part of the legendary London to Brighton Mini run! I have never been before and it’s an amazing experience, all the Mini’s hurtling along! Vroom vroom!

(I think all the excitement has got to me by now as I am starting to sound rather mental! Please send a virtual slap my way via email or freepost P.O box I’ve lost it, ta!)

You see this has got me thinking about how special it is to have a classic car, to be part of the club, the fraternity of old metal. Every day we ‘hop’ into our cars, point it to where we want to go and push the accelerator pedal, taking as little notice as possible at what’s going on around us on the way. But in a classic car the experience is so different: it’s not just a matter of ‘hopping in’ but a process, a routine, a ritual. You polish every square inch, run your hand along its quarters, admire the sound of the engine and perhaps rev it a little to hear the engines distinctive note. You drive the car; appreciating its every little move and even the imperfections. You not only drive. You feel.

This is just a part of the experience in a classic, for example, the mini you immediately become popular, every time you pass another mini you will never fail to receive a courteous flash or wave from the driver. There’s the chats in the petrol station forecourts as well with the endless questions and ‘oh I remember my dad’s one back in….’ It’s crazy, a whole new experience, and nothing receives quite as much attention as a Mini. There are people young and old lined up on the streets and bridges to wave us all off on our bouncy way. It’s such a special sight! Even on a normal day you never fail to get a wave or a courteous nod from several people!

My Mini never fails to amaze me; it speeds along country lanes with ease and can even have more to give at 80 mph on the motorway (thanks to a late 90s rover 1.3 litre engine)! It is the most versatile car ever built! It’s this quality that gives it such a huge following; no car evokes a reaction, even when they’re broken down! Someone’s always willing to offer a helping hand or have a quick chat, it’s quite amazing!

It is something that any classic car owner should realise, as to how lucky they are to be within the ‘club’.  Nothing compares! Events like the London to Brighton run make you realise this, arriving to see just how many people have the same passion as you, seeing Mini upon Mini, no two the same! If you’ve got a classic quickly join a club, go for a drive and get to as many shows as you can, share your passion and style and get your car out there!

Hey you might even get to see Edd china driving a sofa!


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