Photographer Insight: The guy behind Sounds and Images

I guess my passion for classic vehicles could go back to my childhood, I had been to country shows and attended Burnham Steam and Historic machinery club through some agricultural connections that I had.

I loved the classic tractors from International Harvester, John Deere and Massey Ferguson etc. The little grey Fergie is such an iconic tractor because it transformed safety and efficiency in the field. It had this new fangled three-point linkage system that meant implements could be lifted safely and returned to the soil at the end of the field.

After secondary school I went to agricultural college then into farming on a 2000 acre farm in Oxfordshire. After giving up farming I worked in heavy industrial rubber lining and manufacturing, not for a minute did I see a creative career coming along.

Many years later I had, by some weird twist of fate (serious head injury in a road accident) my path changed from one of farming and heavy industry to one of creativity… I taught myself a number of instruments, which led to performing in large venues like Earls Court and recording my debut album and being a professional musician, then in 2002 a collision with a car led to me wanting my first digital camera. Cameras have come along way since the first ones appeared on the market and this led to a passion that has not waned or left me, all it has left me with is a passion to take more photos and to keep improving and for buying lenses and kit. When I bought that first camera it was only to be a hobby shooting mainly wildlife and landscapes… birds, insects deer and anything else we have in the UK, stalking some mammals can be tricky so field craft needs to be learnt. You need to think like a hunter too…

In 2004 as one of the first buskers to be given a licence to busk on the London Underground system, a sale of my album meant that seven months later and I received an email asking if  I would like to compose a demo for the European launch of a car.

Then I got into off camera flash during 2009/2010, where the flashgun or lighting from studio flash heads are not mounted on the camera. This is much more creative way of lighting a subject. This also means a very different photo is possible as even outdoors the photographer can control the light…. (The photos with this article are a mixture and you should see the differences..)

My first car photograph was probably our modern Toyota Yaris (what did you learn from the shoot), but two things have put a slightly odd push on my path as a composer and as a photographer.The demo I was asked to compose a  a TV advert for that was the European launch of a car and in 2009 was asked to photograph a Toyota IQ that was wrapped in chrome the Yaris I had photographed in just natural light, but the IQ I had used natural light for some photos, but I also used a technique called light painting, this is where while in the dark, a torch is used to light a subject by painting it back and forth with light.

I think for me the favourite car that I have photographed is the beautiful Austin Healey 3000 after I had got my specialist lighting kit this year. Though the amazing golden Ford Model T race car was pretty cool too……

This year I plan to also take my photography services to light aircraft too and hoping that I get to see more rare and beautiful cars.

As a photographer I have no interest in shooting weddings, so it seemed photographing cars for owners walls or insurance purposes or to document the restoration of a much loved pride and joy…

Simon Fielder


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