Features: A New Year, a new set of resolutions

New Year has been celebrated, Christmas has come and gone and the time has come to revive Retro and Classic Cars.  Last year we managed to head to RM Auctions at the Automobiles of London, Cameron investigated the Historic Porsche fleet at his local dealership and we headed to Santa Pod for the European Finals.  It was a cracking ten months, but in this coming year I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a classic car to Retro and Classic Cars fleet.  I can’t say as to when it will be happening, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long I hope.

Over the next twelve months I would like to make a number of changes to bring R&CC up to scratch. So what have I got in mind?

The Retro and Classic Cars Fleet

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to introduce a car to our current non-existent fleet, so over the next few months a car is to be joining the fleet. I can’t say as to what it will be at this stage, but I’m sure it will raise some eye brows.

Updating the appearance

We’ve only just got into 2011 and the design of the site is looking quite dated, so over the next few months changes will be made to give the site a new look – it’ll be a slow process but will be worth it in the end.

More informative content

Supplying you with the latest content matters to us a great deal and with this year with aim to keep you updated even more.  After all, we want you to involved as much as us.

Covering more events

We put our hands up now and say we should have covered more events last year. Still we’ll do our best efforts to make up for it this year.

Possibly a Retro and Classic Cars Run

Last year there was a brief discussion between myself and the founder of the Dutch Spring Run. So if talk of a run suddenly appears, don’t be too surprised.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much, and that you all had a terrific New Year. We look forward to another year & wish you all the best for the year.


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