Motoring News: The 2012 British Motor Show is cancelled

It has been revealed that there will no Motor Show for the UK for the coming year.

The Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders said that the decision had been following a consolation within the UK motor industry.

The 2010 Motor Show which was meant to be held this year, was called off due to the change of the economic climate in March 2009. This led to many manufactures pulling out of the show and a lack of interest.

“In recent years the show has played a less important role in influencing new car buyers and vehicle manufacturers are focusing their limited resources on events and activities that have a more direct impact on brand awareness and consumer decisions,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt.

Paul also mentioned that the UK had a highly competitive motor industry with products that are admired around the world.

“Both SMMT and the industry are committed to displaying the achievements of the sector and providing our customers with an opportunity to experience the full breadth of models available in the UK.”

The replacement for this years show was shown at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show.


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