Motoring News: Lotus set for a comeback in Le Mans

Lotus is set for a return in 2012 with an all new LMP2 car for Le Mans.

The LMP2 is currently being developed under Lotus’s Paolo Catone and will be on track by the end of 2011.

Lotus has given us very few details about this project, but has confirmed that it will be closed-cockpit race car that will meet ACO rules.

The announcement was made in statement by Lotus covering its plans to become a player in the competitive motorsports around the world.

There has also been confirmation of the GT2 racer based which is believed to be the Elite, which will be shown at the Paris Motorshow.

Lotus is said to be racing in IndyCar 2011 with the KV Technology team. There is a minimum of two race cars entered into each event. This will also see Lotus working on a new IndyCar chassis and bodywork for 2012 when there is a change in the regulations.

As well as taking part in IndyCar, Lotus has  confirmed that it will be entering teams for GP2 and GP3 championships for the next three years with ART Grand Prix. They can also confirm that  the delieveries of the Evora GT4 next month, in which twenty have been received. Lotus has cofirmed that the cars will be adapted to meet GT2 and GT3 regulations.


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