Motoring News: Porsche 911 Speedster makes for a comeback after 16 years

After 16 years Porsche has decided to bring back the Speedster,  although it has taken three generations of the 911.  There is the chance that a 911 Speedster Turbo is on the cards.

This is only the third Speedster to be placed into series production and much like the previous generation will be based on the cabriolet chassis.

Porsche have decided to pay homage to the car that kicked off the chopped-top trend, the Porsche 356 Speedster which was launched in 1953.  The existing 911 Speedster will use the usual bodywork but will be 60mm shorter.

There is a  plastic tonneau cover behind the cabin in which will two bubbles will harp back to yester-year.  To give the new Speedster presence much like the 964 and 930 Speedster the 997 will share the widened bodywork from the C4S cabriolet and it’s 44mm wheel housing.

The Speedster will have a flat manually operated fabric hood which will offer some protection from the elements, but won’t be offered with the automatic roof.

It was created to celebrate 25 years of Porsche Exclusive , known as Porsche’s in-house personalisation programme. On top the existing exterior changes to the bodywork will be a chin spoiler, tinted indicator lamps, blackened headlamp surround and windscreen frame, unique  side sills and a rear bumper with GT3-style  air vents behind the arches.  Whether or the not the vents will be working, rather than artificial we are yet to be told.

The interior comes with a combination of black leather and colour keyed elements courtesy of the Porsche Exclusive catalogue.


  • 3.8l from the Carrera 911 GTS
  • 402bhp and 310lb ft
  • PDK dual-clutch gearbox
  • Locking Differential
  • Adaptive damping
  • Carbon-ceramic brakes

According to the insiders there could be a Super Speedster after the car’s launch in January 2011, and will be likely to use the Turbo powerplant.

There will be just 356 examples and will be for sale at £144,100.

Below are the previous three  Speedsters to drool over:

Porsche 964 Speedster

Porsche 930 Speedster

The original, Porsche 356 Speedster.


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