Features: Toyota Supra Celica MA47 at Santa Pod

It was on the 28th August that we posted a Toyota Supra Celica MA47 as ‘Snap of the day’ owned by Gareth Jones.  Since posting this it would appear one of the competition has decided to let his views slip.

Gareth took his Supra out for a timed run during 2004 – 2005 at the Pod, which is where he met David Taper in his subtly modified 1988 Renault 5 Turbo.  The event was the ‘Run What Ya Brung event’ where you can take your own pride and joy down the strip and give it your best shot.

For Gareth and David this was their first time, so as you would expect facing the strip for the first time was somewhat nerving. David’s Renault 5 was running on the some cheap tyres he had managed to get hold of, which had a tendency of just spinning.They both soldered on until they met on the 1/4 mile where the battle would commence.  If you read the previous post on this, you’ll see where this is going.  David won, leaving Gareth’s Supra behind him.

David’s pride and joy fitted with some Ronal Turbos. You can’t beat subtle mods.

Thanks to David for getting in touch.


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