Motoring News: Peel 50 makes a comeback

Peel Engineering have announced that after 45 years since the last microcar rolled off the production line, a limited run of 50 cars will be produced.

Peel made it’s name by producing the smallest car which went into production, and is now owned by two entrepreneurs who featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Their aim is to bring back the P50 and Trident models, but this could only be done with the help of a Dragon who invested £80,000 for a third of the company.

Gary Hillman and Faizal Kahn will produce the limited run based on the original Peel 50 and bubbled roofed Trident designs, but with an electric motor.

So how much will the smallest car set you back in real terms?

The original cost £199 back in 1962, but the new three wheelers will start at a stonking £12,499.

Reviving the old name

The Engineering company plan on generating more income by selling products relating to the brand name.

Should you buy one?

If you want to stand out, and have a car that harps back to the days of simple motoring you should.


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