Your Car Spots: 1992 Ford T-bird 3.8L V6

The T-Bird, or the Thunderbird as it was known was the ‘American Dream’ in the 50’s, along with the C1 Corvette (first generation).  As time passed, the T-bird became the shy competition, whereas the Corvette went from strength to strength.  There was a time, when the ‘vette and T-bird had to be restrained with the safety regulations.  The late 80s and 90s saw the introduction of safety laws, meaning that cars had to undertake safety tests to meet regulations. These regulations had a cost to both Chevrolet and Ford’s sports cars.

Ford had spent four years developing the new platform for the tenth generation T-bird, and had advanced the chassis by introducing  four-wheel independent suspension and extending the wheelbase by nine inches. The standard Thunderbird came with a naturally aspirated (N/A) version of the Essex V6, while the Super Coupe (SC) had a supercharger and was intercooled. The N/A came with a 4 speed automatic transmission, and a 5 speed manual was offered as standard with the SC.

The SC was mildly tweaked so that it could manage the supercharger, and had modifications to the engine block such as the heads, crankshaft, Billet roller cam, and pistons. Where possible the modifications enhanced the best of the engine block meaning that it had better flow and was more efficient, and upgrading units where the option was available.

Thanks to James Morris for sending in the photo.


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