Bringing back the Boss: Mustang Boss 302 is back!

Ford has decided to bring back a legend to the Ford Brand. The 302 is said to be their quickest and best handling Mustang.

The underpinnings are from the Ford Mustang GT 2011, and is said to be inspired by the original 1969 302 which had the brief of “best all-around road-going performance machine ever created by Ford Motor Company”.

Since Ford engineers, stylists and designers  have taken on the original GT and strengthened, lightened and refined to create the a road racer. The benchmark was set with a the new E92 BMW M3 and it has been said that the 302 will match the german’s lap time at Laguna Seca.


  • New air intake
  • Modified camshafts
  • 434bhp in the 5.0-litre V8
  • 380lb ft of torque
  • Six-speed close-ratio manual gearbox
  • Higher-rate coil spring
  • Stiffer suspension bushings
  • Larger-diameter rear stabiliser bar
  • 14-inch Brembo front brakes
  • Race-inspired clutch
  • Adjustable shocks
  • A limited-slip differential is available as an option

It sounds like Ford have bucked up their ideas.  Let’s hope it’s drives as good as it the specification sounds.


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