A new generation – The New Fenomenon Stratos takes shape

The Lancia Stratos is close to being revived for the 21st century. As Retro and Classic Cars first covered the spy shots of the pre production mule, we have heard news that the model will make production.
Pininfarina now has the task of honing their original concept for production. When working at Pininfarina, Jason Castriota penned the Stratos, since then however Castriota has moved to be head of design at Saab, it is unclear if this duty will affect him continuing work on the Stratos.

What is also unclear, is if Fiat has any involvement in the project, if it does, the Stratos could enter small scale production -much like the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione project- without having a big impact on Lancias core lineup.
Whatever happens though, expect the production Stratos to be unveiled this year in time for the 40th
Anniversary of the unveiling of the original Stratos concept.

By Cameron Gibson


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