CWR Titan – A retro styled TVR built for the 21st Century

First of all, I would like to say sorry to any regular readers about the lateness of this news.

A Midlands based race specialist called CWR has been working on a reproduction of the original 1968 TVR Tuscan. The car was unveiled this year at the Race Retro Show in Warickshire.

The road going version of this will be named the Titan and will have development help from ex TVR competition manager Chris Schirle. They are hoping to have the first car completed by this month with numbers of two or three built by the end of September.

Specification of the Titan:

Chevrolet LS3 V8- 480bhp

five-speed manual transmission

limited-slip differential


So what’s the cost of this brutal beast? The prices are expected to be start at around £42,500 plus VAT.

Let’s hope this put’s Britain back on the map.

If you’re interested please head to:


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