Banger Racing – What’s the right pespective?

Banger racing. I’m sure just mentioning those two words makes you think of a arena full of early 1970’s to 1990’s Mondeo’s, Granada’s and Rolls Royces hammering round an oval circuit in an out and out battle to be the last man standing for that prize.

The question I want to ask though, is this right? I’m sure many of my readers’ have seen or watched banger racing at some point so will I either agree on where I’m taking this or fire back with some feedback.  As we know cars suffer from depreciation which can eventually lead to them facing the local banger racing circuit once they’ve have reached a couple of thousand, if that.  Can we completely blame depreciation? I don’t think we can.

Cars are like brands. There are those that want the best and those who can’t afford the top spec so have to go for what they can afford. Those cars that the average punter can afford tend to be the ones most likely to face the fate of the circuit.  Petrolheads and those of like minded tend to avoid these cars as they have been percieved badly by journalists for their build quality and lack of go. As an example of this, the Austin Allegro never met the expectation of hype that surrounded it by the ads.

These awful cars such as the Austin Allegro, Morris Marina, Ford Seirra (Mk1/2), Ford Granada (Mk1/2) and  Ford Escort Mk1/2’s need saving. Okay, so in my humble opinion these aren’t actually awful, but I’m going by the most common cars that have spent their last months being smashed to pieces for joy.  Banger racing has been going on for donkey’s but I think now is the time we rescue those cars that need it most before they fade away and never to be seen again.

So all I ask of you is to go and save those classics that need it most. Give it a new lease of life, and keep it on the road for another generation to appreciate.

Thanks to Chris H for the images.


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