The few and far between – Porsche 964 RS America

The RS America, not hugely well known to the UK but is in America. The RS America is a lightened version of the Porsche 964 Carrera made for the 1993 model year which according to Porsche both “commemorates the 20th Anniversary of”, and “captures the spirit of” the original 1973 Carrera RS.

The original 1973 Carrera RS wasn’t avaliable in the USA, but was in Europe.  Porsche decided to take use the 1993 964 Carrera as a base from which to build the RS from for the US market.  The RS would be a no frills Porsche much like the GT3 of today, which came fitted with the M030 sport suspension package and running gear from the 911 C2 Turbo, led to higher performance limits.The 964 Turbo came with wound coil springs, larger diameter front stabilizer bar, and upgraded shock absorbers which were standard equipment for the RS America.


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