Classifield Hunting: Rover SD1 2600

At Retro and Classic Cars we enjoy these classic bargains, ones that involve a bit of work to get them roadworthy again.  We’ll admit at the time, when launched the Rover SD1 wasn’t the best in class in terms of it’s build quality,  nor was it’s flaky paint and the poor image which went with it.

The 2600 came with a 6-cyclinder with either the 5-speed gearbox or the three speed automatic.  It won’t set the world alight that’s for sure, but you’re looking at a car here that has history within the British Saloon Car Championship and the German Touring Championship.  Okay, this particular spec wasn’t raced, but you get the idea.

We’ll admit there are a few niggles with this one, but for the small sum of £295 she’s a bit of steel.  The Rover does come with the rare feature of the Webasto sunroof; she has been wax oiled from new and comes with a delightful caramel leather interior.

There is the need for some welding in places, but all manageable. The 2600 is need of a clean up, but I’m sure for that small sum you certainly get a lot of British History.

The Rover 2600 is currently for sale on CarandClassic


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